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This communication is to inform you of an important modification in the “Ship To” field (as of October 2022) when creating requisitions in Workday that will facilitate accurate and timely deliveries. When creating a requisition, users will be prompted to choose the appropriate room and/or building for a package to ship to or the location where the services will be provided. Selecting “Main Campus” as the sole delivery location will no longer be an option. If a user’s Workday profile is defaulting to the “Main Campus” or a regional campus delivery location, they are requested to contact their HR Business Center to submit a request to update their profile. A list of HR Business centers is located here.

For additional questions regarding the procurement and/or shipping process, the community is informed to submit a Workday Help case to your college or area travel/procurement coordinator (Case Type: Travel/Expense/Procurement) or contact the kNEXT customer care team at (407) 823-6398 (NEXT).