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Workday Training Matrix

The UCF Workday Training Matrix provides guidance on the following Workday training information:

  • System-based online coursework currently available in Workday
  • Category information for our Workday Help Knowledge Base.

All end user training is developed to help the UCF community navigate Workday, a new cloud-based system. These training materials and resources are currently available in Workday and require UCF NID access. Use the menu below to browse and navigate to available Workday training resources.

Workday Training Courses Now Available

Below is a listing of our current online Workday courses now available in Workday Learning app:

Course NameCourse DescriptionDelivery MethodTargeted GroupsDirect Access
Workday Essentials: Getting StartedWorkday Essentials provides an introduction to Workday to assist new users in getting started. It teaches basic information about how to use, navigate and understand the system. This includes an explanation of how to view one's personal profile, search for information, understand accessibility features, use Workday on mobile devices, manage personal information, apply for UCF jobs within Workday and, self-pacedAll UCF employees (faculty & staff)Enroll Now
Workday for ManagersWorkday for Managers provides an introduction to Workday features used by those in managerial roles. It prepares them to get started by focusing on how to navigate within Workday to complete managerial tasks. This includes tracking and managing time off and absences, reviewing and comparing team member information such as salaries and job titles, checking the status of business processes, accessing analytics, changing business titles, viewing and assigning employee work schedules, delegating tasks, and understanding and participating in the hiring, self-pacedAll UCF managers & supervisorsEnroll Now
General ProcurementParticipants will learn about basic procurement functionality in Workday, including creating supplier requests and requisitions, managing receipts, and creating supplier, self-pacedAll UCF employees
Travel/Procurement Coordinators
Enroll Now
Financial Accounting BasicsParticipants will learn about the UCF Foundation Data Model and how to complete basic financial accounting and reporting tasks in, self-pacedEnroll Now
Navigating GrantsThe purpose of this course is to provide users with business process instruction on next steps once an award is integrated into Workday. You will learn what steps to take to complete setting up the grant, how to set up a sponsor, how to create billing schedules and add a grant to one, how to work with invoices in Workday, and how to update the system when facilities and administrative (F&A) rates change. online, self-pacedPost-Award SpecialistsEnroll Now
Expense Report BasicsUnderstanding the basics of expense reports is important to ensure they are processed timely and meet the policies of the University. online, self-pacedCost Center Coordinator
Cost Center Manager
Enroll Now
Adaptive Planning Navigation BasicsUnderstand basic navigational concepts for the Workday Adaptive Planning tool. Also, learn the fundamentals of Adaptive Planning by reviewing sheet types and data entry functionality. online, self-pacedBudget Analysts
Budget Managers
Budget Directors
Enroll Now

Workday Help Categories

Below is a listing of our Help Knowledge Base categories and their descriptions that you will find when visiting the Workday Help app.

Help Category TypeCategory Descriptions
Getting StartedThis category provides articles on how to navigate basic functionality in Workday.
Academic AffairsThis category provides articles on how to navigate academic appointments, manage academic dashboard and review/sign faculty agreements.
Expenses This category provides articles on the creation process and workflow for spend authorizations and expense reports in Workday.
FinanceThis category provides articles on how to manage finance and accounting processes in Workday, which includes basic accounting/FDM, banking/settlements, customer accounts/contracts and budgets.
GrantsThis category provides articles on how to manage awards, award costs and draw down a letter of credit as well as viewing the PI Dashboard.
LearningThis category provides articles on how to enroll in training courses/sessions and manage your team’s training.
ManagersThis category provides articles on detailed manager self-service functionality in Workday and how to use additional navigational tools for managers.
My Workday ProfileThis category provides articles on how to review and make changes to your employee information in Workday.
Pay & AbsenceThis category provides articles on how to manage your pay information and different types of leave in Workday.
ProcurementThis category provides articles on how to manage purchase requisitions, supplier requests and contracts in Workday.
Recruiting, Hiring & OnboardingThis category provides articles on how to navigate recruitment and requisition tasks as well as hiring management, proposed compensation and managing worker onboarding.
ReportingThis category provides articles on how to access or run a report, filter parameters and about report dashboards.
SpanishThis category provides additional articles translated in Spanish.
Staffing & CompensationThis category provides articles on how to manage employee and contingent worker job changes as well as manage contingent workers, initiate a job change and manage team compensation.
Time TrackingThis category provides articles on how to manage time worked in Workday.