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Based on feedback, the following updates have been made:

  • HRBC team members can now view the rehire eligibility status in a more accessible location within Workday. The Rehire Eligibility Status knowledge article details where you can view the information.
  • An additional report has been added to the HRBC Report Guide titled, UCF Visiting Faculty Details. This report provides users with the contract and employment end date for visiting faculty.

Additional Job Appointments

The following provides guidance on how to manage staff who have multiple job appointments within Workday.

If the appointment is for the same job profile and supervisory org, an additional job should not be created each time an employee is issued a dual compensation appointment, graduate assistantship appointment or adjunct faculty appointment. For example, if an employee has a dual compensation every semester or multiple dual compensations during the semester for the same supervisor org or the same job profile, you should have one additional job open for the dual compensation position. Then, add the period activity pay (PAP) for each of the dual compensation activities to that additional job.

The report UCF Active Workers with Multiple Positions has been added to the HRBC Report Guide to will provide you with the results of any employees with more than 2 open jobs.

Please be advised for student employees on an assistantship or in other student job profiles, if they have extraneous jobs in the system, it can adversely impact their eligibility for the FICA Exemption based on the total hours that are in the system between all the jobs. For student employees to be eligible for the FICA Exemption, total hours between all jobs must be less than 30 and must be enrolled in at least half-time at UCF. For questions related to FICA exemptions, submit a Workday Help Case to be routed to Payroll for assistance.

Actions – Staff is required to perform the following actions:

  • Review the information in the HRBC Report Guide.
  • Run the UCF Active Workers with Multiple Positions Report.
  • Take the required steps to resolve the extraneous jobs (if applicable) in Workday, such as submitting an end job action (end the additional jobs as needed).