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Workday Update is Live

UCF’s second Workday system update of the year was completed on Saturday, September 9. All UCF employees (including faculty and staff) will notice feature updates to their Workday homepage, Workday search and My Tasks. Learn more information about campus community impacts at What’s New with Workday: System Release September 2023.

UCF managers and supervisors will notice significant changes to their Workday homepage layout to improve the user experience for access to important dates and team information. Learn more at Video: Getting Started for Managers, a new introductory video demo for managers that includes the new Workday homepage experience.

Additional system enhancements that impact business centers and central offices will be provided in targeted communications.

What is a Workday System Release?
System updates, also called system releases, install modifications within Workday to provide enhanced system functionality. A system release is named by the calendar year they occur and when they occur that year. For example, this year’s release is 2023R2 for “2023” as the calendar year and “R2” as the second release of the calendar year.

A Special Thank You To All Participants For Our Workday Assistant Chatbot Testing Event!

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