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Foundation Data Model (FDM)

The Workday Foundation Data Model (FDM) is a multi-dimensional data structure that serves as the backbone for transaction processing and reporting done within Workday.

New Org Worktag Templates

The worktag templates are used when requesting a new organization worktag value for a specific worktag in Workday. There is a template for each organization worktag that a user will need in creating a new worktag value for the following worktags: Cost Center, Designation, Activity, Financial Initiative, Financial Site, Fund, Program Code and Gift.

Please use all templates to attach to a Workday Help Case assigned to “FDM”.

The other template (Related Change Worktag Requests Template) is for all users making a request to change the related values on these organization worktags: Cost Center, Designation and Gifts.

*All templates can also be located in the FDM Dashboard in Workday under the “Resources” section.