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For all days when university operations are closed due to the storm, employees should refer to the Emergency Closure or Cierra de emergencia knowledge articles for instructions related to how to report emergency closure time off in Workday.

Additional Workday System Updates Now Available

September 19, 2022
Additional system features are now available in Workday to all users. All UCF employees will now notice a Your Top Apps section on their Workday home page that provides the user with access to their most commonly used applications. In addition, there are new features in the Workday Inbox, which has been renamed to My…

What’s New in Workday

September 11, 2022
Recent System Enhancements from Workday Release 2022R2 UCF’s first Workday system update completed on Saturday, September 10. Workday releases two system updates annually (March and September) to launch new system functionality. All UCF employees (including faculty and staff) will notice global navigation menu changes. View and download our Release 2022R2 quick reference guide for a…