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Feature Release Posts

What’s New in Workday: Workday System Updates are Now Available!

September 11, 2023
UCF’s second Workday system update of the year was completed on Saturday, September 9. All UCF employees (including faculty and staff) will notice feature updates to their Workday homepage, Workday search and My Tasks. Learn more information about campus community impacts at What’s New with Workday: System Release September 2023. UCF managers and supervisors will…

Workday System Update is Coming Soon!

September 8, 2023
Workday is scheduled to complete its biannual system update on Saturday, September 9.  Workday releases two system updates biannually in March and September. Updates may impact specific groups in UCF or the entire UCF campus community. What is a Workday System Release?System updates, also called system releases, install modifications within Workday to provide enhanced system…

What’s New in Workday: System Release March 2023

March 13, 2023
UCF’s first Workday system update of the new year completed on Saturday, March 11. Workday releases two system updates annually (March and September) to launch new system functionality. All UCF employees (including faculty and staff) will notice global navigation menu changes. View our “Workday Digest” video to explore some of our new system features. **Optional:…

Workday Help Updates Now Available

February 6, 2023
Beginning Monday, February 6, the UCF community will notice two new system updates to our Workday Help application:  new help categories and email notifications. We listened to feedback from the community on how to successfully access knowledge articles within Workday Help.  Based on this feedback, new categories have been created to make it easier to…