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Workday Today Posts

What’s New in Workday: System Release March 2023

March 13, 2023
UCF’s first Workday system update of the new year completed on Saturday, March 11. Workday releases two system updates annually (March and September) to launch new system functionality. All UCF employees (including faculty and staff) will notice global navigation menu changes. View our “Workday Digest” video to explore some of our new system features. **Optional:…

New Workday Training Matrix Now Available

February 9, 2023
kNEXT is pleased to announce the new Workday Training Matrix.  This interactive page assists Workday users navigate Workday training resources, which includes two resources: Workday training online courses Descriptions of our 15 Workday Help categories Our list of available Workday online training courses includes course names, descriptions and direct enrollment links that are accessed via…