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Workday system updates are now live! Learn more about our March 2023 system release.

Knowledge Corner Updates (as of 02/27/2023)

February 27, 2023
This is a complete listing of all knowledge base articles that have been updated or added to our Workday Help Knowledge Base. A “knowledge article” is a job aid, video demo, or business process workflow that describes or outlines step-by-step procedures of a business process. All knowledge articles are currently housed in Workday Help. To…

New Workday Training Matrix Now Available

February 9, 2023
kNEXT is pleased to announce the new Workday Training Matrix.  This interactive page assists Workday users navigate Workday training resources, which includes two resources:Workday training online coursesDescriptions of our 15 Workday Help categoriesOur list of available Workday online training courses includes course names, descriptions and direct enrollment links that are accessed via the Learning app…

W-2 Now Available in Workday

February 6, 2023
The electronic W-2 tax form for the past calendar year (2022) is now available for viewing and printing in Workday. For those who did not elect the electronic format, paper W-2 forms will be postmarked no later than January 31. Instructions on how to access your W-2 form in Workday can be found by viewing…

Adaptive Planning Training Now Available

October 25, 2022
Adaptive Planning training options are now available! Training is designed for budget directors, budget managers and budget analysts to better assist with annual forecasting and budgeting processes in preparation for the relaunch of Adaptive Planning on October 27. The following training is now available: Live Demonstrations: Live demonstrations of specific tasks are being held virtually…